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"Easy riding horse" Size: 60 x 70 cm
"When the dogs fly to the moon" - Size: 60 x 70 cm
"A girl who loves the fun"
"Justice is blind " Size: 70 x 60 cm
"Market-place without tourists" - Size: 60 x 70 cm
"The day before" Size: 90 x 80 cm
Visningsplats: Stenköket
My name is Vladde - Zhitza and everything around me is a black and white world. My passion for art is about color. I employ color to express how I feel about a subject, and my work is recognizable for the particularly vibrant palette that I choose. I simplify shapes in order to draw with my brush, and layer colors so that they glow. Much of my inspiration comes from the autumn colors which are especially brilliant in Sweden och Mediterranean sea. I am trained in design and law and is represented in numerous corporate and private collections in Sweden, UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Bosnia, Croatia, Austria and Denmark.
Previous exhibitions, selection:
  • Kulturnatt Västerås Galleri Ad hoc
  • Edsvik Art Fair EDSVIK KONSTHALL 2018
  • Strömsholms Slott Stenköket
  • Väsby KONSTHALL Julsalong
  • Borlänge KONSTHALL Julsalong
  • Edsvik Art Fair EDSVIK KONSTHALL
  • Taxinge Slott 
  • Galleri Adeprimo Örebro
  • Konstfrämjandet Västmanland, Västerås
  • Galleri Cosmopolitan Göteborg
  • Galleri Folliero Ösmo
  • Galleri OP Helsingborg
  • Oxelösunds KONSTHALL 
  • Galleri Lövdala Sunne
  • Galleri Form & Färg Eskilstuna
  • Galleri Magu Hällefors
  • KONSTHALL Köping
  • Galleri Kocks Stockholm
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